Promoting Menstrual Hygiene (She Powher Menstrual Cup

She power Menstrual cup

Promoting menstrual hygiene among vulnerable school going girls in rural Zambia is one of our core programs in the foundation. A number of these vulnerable girls come from families that live on less than one dollar a day hence can’t afford to purchase a tampon (menstrual pad) on monthly basis as their parents earn seasonal income after selling their farm produce once every year and are not in any form of employment.

Due to lack of resources to purchase tampons monthly, the girl child attendance and performance to schools has been affected as some have to wait until the menstrual cycle comes to an end that’s when they return to school. This has also increased the number of drops outs in various schools and it has been regarded as one of the root causes of early marriages in Zambia. This has affected the girl child tremendously. Other girls have opted to follow traditional ways to curb down the problem where they use unsterilized materials as menstrual tampons which possess a huge danger to their virginal health.

In promoting menstrual hygiene amongst the girl child, the foundation has come up with a prototype project of distributing reusable She Powher Menstrual Cups, cups with a life span of 10 years. This has been a welcome project in most schools and it has increased the girl child attendance and performance. From the start to date Immara Hope Foundation has given out about 140 she powher cups.