Immara Hope Foundation Feeding Program For The Orphans

Feeding Program

The UN estimates that almost 50% of people in Zambia can’t meet their daily calorie requirements and, with survival often taking precedence over education, 45% of Zambia’s primary school age children drop out of school early, as most families in Zambia live below the poverty line.
It is for this reason why Immara hope foundation has designed a feeding program to reduce hunger and improve nutrition among school going orphans. This school feeding scheme initiative is a globally recognized social protection tool that helps not only to keep children in the system; but to alleviate child hunger, ensure the wellbeing of all pupils, and relieve the financial burden on their households. 

The Programme is a coordinated initiative where the foundation works hand in handwith the schools to promote the idea. Our feeding program is highly dependent on agriculture as an essential pillar to facilitate sustainable food production in schools where we are promoting the growing of fruits, vegetables and Maize for a healthy diet.
This program has also taught children hands on knowledge on the importance of
growing their own fresh produce.