Feeding programs for the orphans

The UN estimates that almost 50% of people in Zambia can’t meet their daily calorie
requirements and, with survival often taking precedence over education, 45% of Zambia’s primary school age children drop out of school early, as most families in Zambia live below the poverty line. 

It is for this reason why Immara hope foundation has designed a feeding program to
reduce hunger and improve nutrition among school going orphans. This school feeding
scheme initiative is a globally recognized social protection tool that helps not only to
keep children in the system; but to alleviate child hunger, ensure the wellbeing of all
pupils, and relieve the financial burden on their households.


About the Author

Immara Hope Foundation

Immara Hope Foundation is a non profit making organization. It is a community based foundation that aims at improving the livelihoods of youths by providing comprehensive and sustainable tailor made projects,services and programs for the youths.

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